Vinyl Ideals 12'


'Ideals' is Himshe's second EP, and the band are particularly proud of it. It is a concept EP, a crossover between post-punk rock and classical music . The arrangements written by Yves Meersschaert for the orchestra (Room 13 Orchestra) take the band to the next level. Himshe fuses the seemingly unfusable, which is perhaps best heard in the title track. Because what else are ideals but the pursuit of what is perfect and unreal?  Ideals are elusive and, by definition, a source of self-torment.

Himshe takes the listener along a bumpy 'Lost Highway'. The atmosphere seems fragile and the built-up tension is tenderly embraced. With velvet gloves, vocalist Mishi Erine steers the sometimes rough and aggressive string tones and virile brass sounds in the right direction. Moments later, Mishi's cold and chilly voice is met by the warm timbres of the orchestra and even a countertenor.

The EP is like a painting that is never finished. The sound dynamics dance along with the story. Silence, charm and tranquillity morph into apocalyptic uproar. The songs are cinematic and story-telling, which immediately becomes clear when you watch the video of Einstürzende Neubauten cover and first single of the album ‘Sabrina’. Inspired by 'Harpya' an animated film by the recently deceased Belgian director Raoul Servais, Mishi worked closely with interdisciplinary Dutch visual artist Danny Sutrisno. The result is a striking visual translation of the way reflections colour our lives. The song was received with great enthusiasm by Einstürzende Neubauten themselves (“band loves it!”).

Listening to Himshe’s songs involves the entire body, as they seem to cover every emotional base - even the most extreme ones. If the experience is not 'ideal', it certainly is 'human'.


Songs included 'Ideals':

  1. Sabrina
  2. Ideals
  3. Stay 
  4. Linger
  5. Cold