Videoclip Linger.

A video where music and visuals are equal, images that stay with audiences long after the screen goes black. In a real Lynchian style. 

Videoclip SABRINA  (Cover Eïnsturzende Neubauten) by interdisplinary visual artist Danny Sutrisno.

The song was well received by Einstürzende Neubauten themselves. When Mishi anxiously sent them an email asking  for approval to release the song,  she quickly received an enthusiastic reply: 'band loves it!'. When they also asked her if there was a video to the song, she was absolutely stunned. She set to work with Danny Sutrisno, an interdisciplinary Dutch visual artist. Mishi felt a strong visual connection to the work 'Harpya' by 'Raoul Servais'. With this in mind, Danny managed to create a striking visual translation about how reflections colour our lives.


'The music video Naked Shoulders is about Henry, a worn out man who struggles with the inability to express his dark desires. A young lady goes to great lengths to get Henry out of his impasse, doesn't she?

A clip about Belgian desires in a 'Belgian' way...


‘Constrict’ is our first single, a production under the wings of Koen Gisen.

‘Constrict’ seduces with the softness of a female voice, ordering us to follow the ‘right’ path. The catchy rhythm leads us towards a rugged and harsh ‘Work! Don’t think! Eat! Sleep! Don’t cry!’ Gradually we lose our humanity and walk as blindfolded sheep towards a sudden end. The seductiveness of Laura Palmer transforms into mechanical marching workers as in Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang.

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Picture header by Noémie Ojumah.