Videoclip NAKED SHOULDERS out now!

'The music video Naked Shoulders is about Henry, a worn out man who struggles with the inability to express his dark desires. A young lady goes to great lengths to get Henry out of his impasse, doesn't she?

A clip about Belgian desires in a 'Belgian' way...


‘Constrict’ is our first single, a production under the wings of Koen Gisen.

‘Constrict’ seduces with the softness of a female voice, ordering us to follow the ‘right’ path. The catchy rhythm leads us towards a rugged and harsh ‘Work! Don’t think! Eat! Sleep! Don’t cry!’ Gradually we lose our humanity and walk as blindfolded sheep towards a sudden end. The seductiveness of Laura Palmer transforms into mechanical marching workers as in Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang.