** 2 females, 3males = over-sized emotions …

an indie post-punk band that sounds like a Hollywood soundtrack that harbors terrible loneliness, it doesn't coddle, it disturbs.

Leaving traces and dreams of love, death and tenderness in a harsh and violent Lynchian reality … **




15th of december

new release

SABRINA (cover)

(released with the full support of Einstürzende Neubauten themselfes)



the concept EP 'Ideals' is coming out in 2023

The cinematic vinyl

A collaboration with Yves Meersschaert and the Room 13 Orchestra



Debut EP 'Stay' 

Recorded, produced and mixed by Koen Gisen at Studio La Patrie.


Videoclip 'Naked Shoulders' out now!
A collaboration with Jasper Vranken en Patrícia Lopes.