Himshe, an indie rockband band of Ghent, tripping as an Hollywood soundtrack that harbors terrible loneliness, it doesn't coddle, it disturbs. We are in a dark, damp and eerie mountain mist. Synths and bass move like the ripples through the air, sending an esoteric 'Julee Cruise meets Portishead' haze over you. The haze is disrupted by strong gusts of wind in the form of spy movie sounds on guitar. Siouxsie flashed past like a black crow under the guise of Mishi Erine. The emotional registers shift in no time from sadness to playfulness, from flirtatious to incendiary, like peacock feathers under a blacklight.


The cinematic aspect of this band can be seen in their video clip 'Naked Shoulders', which clearly shows nods to David Lynch. Himshe brings a radical and exciting uncompromising musical adventure in a connecting world with place for difference. Himshe mixes hard and soft, light and dark, fast and slow, positive and negative, male and female, him and she.


Mishi Erine, writer, composer, musician and singer loves music that embraces duality. Both strong weakness and weak strength shimmer through her voice. She tells her tender stories in a daring way. She released a production of Koen Gisen (2020) with Naomi 'Reena Riot' as backing singer. To play the music live, there is the support of Naomi Sijmons (vocals), Jonas Everaert (guitar), Stephan Van Meirhaeghe (bass) and Dries Nauwynck (drums).


Himshe is currently continuing this film trip because they were supported by the 'Room 13 Orchestra' for their new work. They presented this result in their livestream on April 19, 2021. This work is released on their second EP Ideals (April 2023).



Picture  header by Noémie Ojumah